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When I was introduced to Lorraine Burns I was very frustrated with the way my business was operating. My days were spent putting out fires in every area. Complaints were increasing and my management team were not taking ownership for the problems. Staff turnover was high and I was working harder than ever and not getting the results I wanted.

Our past experience in appointing new key management staff has been disastrous. Lorraine took us through the recruitment process, step by step and provided guidance, training and support.

We started on the Contracts Manager for the Metal Division, a key position that was vacant and taking up too much of my time. One of the most difficult tasks was working through each of the activities the Contracts Manager was required to do and identify what our performance expectations were. Lorraine guided us through this process and these expectations became the cornerstone for selecting the right person with the right skills, experience and personality fit. It also helped us to identify the performance needed to be measured and monitored.

We are very pleased with the person we employed as our Contracts Manager, and now have the tools to employ the right person for this position ourselves, and to do it professionally.

Lorraine provided us with comprehensive staff employment policies in the form of a Handbook. These policies ensure that we comply with all of the legislative requirements and lets everyone in the organisation know the rules of the game.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lorraine Burns to any Organisation that is serious about achieving business success.

Mike OíConnor Managing Director- Effective Fencing Ltd


 Lorraine Burns began business coaching with LawWorks approximately 18 months ago. At the time, LawWorks was a very new law firm and my business partner and I were focused on wanting to do things differently from the way other law firms did things. In particular, the way in which our office was set up, how we interacted with clients and in respect of our relationships with staff members. My business partner and I were becoming increasingly frustrated that our staff did not seem to be buying into our vision, quality of work was an issue and staff morale and turnover were real problems. We could not understand why our enthusiasm and vision for the business was not being taken on board by those we employed. These issues we felt were adversely affecting our law firm and the service we wished to provide clients. We wanted to know if we were doing something wrong or whether we were lacking in certain skills so we engaged Lorraine to assist and provide us with coaching.

 Lorraine focused us on one or two key areas such as organisational structure, systems for recruitment and systems for delegation and supervision. The work that we have done with Lorraine has been invaluable and has really formed the foundation for a successful law firm going into a difficult and competitive future. Lorraineís style of business coaching is focused and she regularly follows up so that we achieve the goals that we have discussed with her. Lorraine still works with our firm and we would like to continue to engage her on specific projects of importance to LawWorks.

 I would not hesitate in recommending Lorraine to other companies who require business coaching and I am happy to answer any questions in relation to my experience of her as a business coach.

Yours faithfully

Anna Fitzgibbon  Partner - LawWorks


 I have found Recruitment by Designsí Employment Handbook to be an extremely valuable tool that has helped me deal with problems with my staff. It is something that I refer to regularly as it clearly outlines any procedures that I need to follow. It's been tailored to meet every requirement that my business has and itís written in plain English.

Previously I had an employment contract written by another company which served it's purpose but was filed away once my employee signed on the dotted line. By having my employees sign the Employment Handbook they agree to meet my standards and expectations and I can then hold them accountable when any of those standards are not met. Itís so easy!!! 

I feel my staff performance and productivity has improved ten fold but more importantly I have happy staff that have clear guidelines to follow.

Well done Lorraine, I've enjoyed working with you, I think you are a very innovative person.

Fiona Moon - Managing Director, Poppyís


 I am one of two Property Managers for Harvey Realty in Browns Bay with a large portfolio of rental properties, working in an extremely stressful and busy environment.

I had previously been employed in the Personnel Industry for over 10 years and considered myself well qualified to select a person for our role of Office Administrator. I did this - twice. I was disappointed that after many hours of interviewing, reference checking, placing and training not one, but two administrators resigned after a short period.

We were fortunate to be introduced to the McQuaig system by Lorraine Burns. The McQuaig system enabled us to easily identify the traits and characteristics of the ideal person for the job. This process forced me, and the other property Manager to identify and agree on the exact requirements for our office. While we previously believed that we knew what we wanted it wasn't until we completed the McQuaig Job Survey that we realised that our individual requirements were conflicting.

Candidates that we interviewed, and who we were impressed with were asked to complete the McQuaig Word Survey and a report was sent back to us on each candidate. This report identified the differences between each candidates temperament and traits and what we had selected as our ideal in the McQuaig Job Survey. It made the job easy by providing interviewing and reference checking questions tailored to each individual. It also provided advice on how best to train and manage the person.

As a result we have employed and retained an Office Administrator whose personality, abilities and match are a perfect fit for both of us. The person we employed loves her job, handles the day to day pressures extremely well and best of all is still with us!

I am totally convinced that the McQuaig System has saved us time, money, headaches and stress. I recommend and fully endorse the system and personally would never employ another staff member without it.

Laurel Betson - Property Manager - Harvey Corporation Ltd 


 I attended the Recruitment workshop facilitated by Lorraine Burns. My primary objective for attendance was to learn more about developing and implementing effective recruiting systems. My secondary objective was to assess the quality and relevance of the workshop and how it may be of value to Chartered Accountants - particularly to our BDS members who are focused on the enhancement of their Business Development skills.

The workshop was an excellent investment. Lorraine is very knowledgeable and is able to communicate concepts and actions in a style and format that encourages participation and learning retention. I went away from the workshop with new found skills in planning, documentation and more importantly, a new appreciation in the value and time and cost savings of utilising the simple but effective processes that she recommended.

Lorraine Burns has also been a guest speaker at our ICANZ Business Development Special Interest Group. She is an excellent public speaker and a consummate professional who is well prepared and delivers what she promises.

Siri Whalen-Bell  BDS Development Manager