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Unless all you want is someone with a pulse and a heartbeat, most jobs require a few "special attributes". It may be technical competence, or sales skills, or customer service ability, or complex thinking, or dealing with conflict and stress. These critical attributes can determine the success or failure of a person in a role, but often remain unexpressed, unquantified and unexplored in the recruitment process.

 Do you know which attributes are most important?

  • Do you have an objective benchmark against which to compare such attributes?
  • How do you measure a person's leadership skills, or ability to deal with stress, or integrity, or time management, or their current level of motivation and career commitment?
We read resumes, and conduct interviews, but often it turns out that a person we have high hopes for turns out to be a disappointment. Certain jobs call for certain behaviour patterns. If you have these patterns, you’ll like the job, it’ll come naturally to you and chances are you’ll be successful.  
The good news is that research shows that properly validated psychometric tests statistically have a significantly higher ability to predict workplace behaviour and are much more objective than interviews.
Such tests are invariably used by large organisations with large budgets because they recognise the power and value of them.
Further good news is that Recruitment by Design provides a properly validated psychometric test fully integrated with the rest of the recruiting system. This information alone can prevent you making a big mistake! It's far better to find out in advance that a person may have some issues, than after you have employed them.
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