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Managing Performance

How do we motivate our people and consistently improve morale? 

Managers don’t enjoy confronting people’s sub standard performance issues or negative feelings. The task is less daunting if you follow a process which helps you devise a concrete solution. 

One of the best ways to mentor people and encourage a productive, motivated environment is through Personnel Development Meetings.

Personnel Development Meetings:

  • are a medium for discussion, solving problems and planning that leaves employees feeling listened to and empowered 
  • are a way of helping employees overcome issues that prevent them from being the best they can be 
  • are sessions that help employees get back on the path to productivity 

Personnel Development Meetings save you time by cutting back daily interruptions. An Agenda is used to keep the meeting focused on performance, issues and outcomes.
Personnel Development Meetings give you the opportunity to address issues before they become major problems.
You create plans with your people that eliminate the barriers to their success saving both parties time and energy.