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Countless NZ businesses find themselves before the Employment Courts without a leg to stand on. Why? Because they don't have effective policies that guide their relationships with their employees.

How can you hold your staff accountable for policies and procedures which they may or may not have read or agreed to? 

The best way to deal with a workplace problem is to prevent it from occurring. By having your employees sign an Employment Handbook acknowledging that they have read and fully understand the business standards and policies you can hold them accountable.

Over the past decade Recruitment by Design has worked closely with a wide range of businesses and not for profit organisations to design and customise plain English policies that address a comprehensive range of employment issues.

The Employment Handbook is used as a reference by business owners, managers and employees. Whenever a problem arises managers don't need to spend valuable time researching and developing an appropriate response they simply refer to the Handbook.

Without guidelines, responses can vary widely within an organisation leading to unfair and inconsistent practices.

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