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Delegating Work

How many times have you asked one of your team to do something and then promptly forgotten about it? A week later when you ask the person how they got on, their responses vary  from:

  • I haven’t had time to look at it 
  • I'm sorry, I forgot...
  • When did you say you wanted it?
How often does this happen at your business?
What is the real cost to your business?
Who is to blame? 
Managers and employees need a frame-work for delegating work that is outside the scope of the employment agreement so that:
  • Managers can be confident that their people will understand what work needs to be done
  • Employees can trust they will have all of the information they need to achieve it. 

Recruitment by Design can assist you with the design of simple delegation processes that get reliable and consistent results on time - every time.